July 28, 2008

Back From Guatemala

Hi folks! I am a bit weary of body, mind, and spirit but I am full of new stories of God's activity in other parts of the world. I'll not bore you with a lot of them today (I'll save that pleasure for later! ;-) but I couldn't resist sharing a few photos with you.

I just missed Tarzan in this photo!
Most people are surprised to know that bananas grow UP!

Happy children after a Vacation Bible School event!

This little guy was daring and resourceful. Power lines crowd the streets so he decided to "get above it all" to fly his kite. He's perched about 30 feet up.

Here are a few of his friends making a kite of their own. No store bought kites here!

For those of you who lifted words of prayer for us, thank you. Those prayers were answered in evident and memorable ways. I encourage you to continue praying for the church in Guatemala. They are vibrant and powerful believers who are making a difference in their communities. They also made a difference in the lives of a group of North Americans who came to minister to them but found themselves ministered to instead.

July 2, 2008

No Excuses and No Whining!

How about Adam Bender! What, you haven't heard of him? Suffice it to say that a picture speaks a thousand words. Take a look here and be inspired.

You'll excuse the paucity of posts over the next couple of weeks as I am in final approach mode for our mission trip to Guatemala. We depart July 16 and return July 23.