April 19, 2007

Out of the Country

If you happen to drop by in the next couple of weeks and note that it's been a few days/weeks since I last posted please understand this is due to my being out of the country. I will be speaking at a national prayer conference in Venezuela followed by a brief visit to explore missions opportunities in Guatemala. If you are of the praying kind I would greatly appreciate your prayers during these days. I will look forward to sharing some news and views from another part of the world when I return.

For your enjoyment I've included a couple of pics from VZ. It is a beautiful country with beautiful people and very little opportunity to hear the gospel.

Some things are the same all over the world!

A marvelous waterfall near Caripe'!

By no means indicative of how all live in VZ but many exist in this kind of housing.

Blessings to each of you.

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