June 22, 2007

A Worthy Word about the WORD

"The Bible is the record of those divine breakthroughs into human history. 'God's search for man,' it is described, rather than our search for God. And its accents are considered a key for discerning the continuing divine activity in the present. Unlike most religious literature, it is not chiefly a collection of noble sayings, but a drumroll of events, people, struggles, great and terrible, of frailty, doubts, and heroism, of the ultimate might of right. Scripture isn't meant as scientific exposition or as mere history. It is 'salvation history,' a universal spiritual drama of an overarching compassion and concern for human integrity, of an unwavering love that seeks an answering affirmation, It is a vivid, sometimes parabolic account of God's persistent, unrelenting quest for us and our stumbling, often faithless response." From The Untamed God by George Cornell

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