December 13, 2007

Saints with Dirty Feet

Carol has posted her side of our continuing conversation of art, history, and religion. She writes from the perspective of one "in the know" and I write from the perspective of a pastor viewing art for the first time (in most cases). Don't miss the comment posted by Toby. I fear his insight and keen pen (or is it keyboard in this digitized era?) will far exceed my small ability. It is worth your time to read and consider. Please check in tomorrow for my comments on this marvelous and relevant message.



Carol L. Douglas said...

Toby is a she, a dedicated Christian, excellent theologian, and an extremely talented painter. I’m proud to have her as a friend!

John said...

My apologies to Toby. And you are right, she is an excellent theologian. I will leave the consideration of her painting to your trained eye.

Thank you for an excellent suggestion for this project.