March 25, 2008

I Had a Blogoversary!

It passed right by and I didn't even notice! I just happened to glance at the little widget and realize that it was now counting down from the 300's again which could only mean one thing, my blogoversary had passed! I felt a little guilty. I didn't even send myself a card, much less throw a blogoversary worthy party. There wasn't even a simple, "Woo-hoo!" offered up on this auspicious (maybe suspicious?) day.

So, what's happened in a year? Upon reflection it is clear that quite a lot has happened with the vast majority of it being quite good!
  • I learned (and continue to learn) how to layout, publish, manage, and maintain my blog. This is no small feat for one who still prefers pen and paper to keyboard.
  • I have posted on topics from abortion to war (got to post something about zoology soon...), politics to religion (and the relationship thereof), things that make me laugh to things that make me boil, and a wide range of other interesting (at least to me) thoughts.
  • I have been exposed to some marvelous and memorable art work and have even been so foolhardy as to put my Philistine opinions forward as if they meant something.
  • A quick count reveals 119 posts published and 12 or 13 in the waiting room (many will never see the light of the internet). This means I have probably written as much or more this year than ever before and I'm a pretty regular user of the journal. What is unique about this format for me is that it is much less personal (what I feel, experience, encounter) and much more cerebral. I am working out thoughts about the world in which I live through this format.
  • Far and away the most wonderful benefit of this exercise has been the people I've been privileged to encounter and engage. Here's a brief list of a few of my personal faves (in no particular order)...
    • Idaho Paul who drives a school bus, pastors a church, and has written a novel this year. What a joy to know I have a brother in Idaho!
    • Paul the Dutchman has opened a window on the church in Europe for me and has regularly inspired me with his love of life and family. Paul has unwittingly introduced me to people from South Africa, Hong Kong, and Iceland (to name a few).
    • Carol, my art teacher, has engaged me with her thoughtfulness. Her willingness to introduce me to some great art has enriched my life and the lives of many others I have shared these works with through this year. (BTW Carol, I have great story to tell you about Chagall's White Crucifixtion!)
    • Mike makes me think every time I visit with him in the Upper Room. Wounded but healing, he's being used by God to bring healing to others.
    • Brother Maynard's Subversive Influence is always good for a mental, and sometimes, spiritual, shakeup. I don't see how this man generates the volume of material he produces. When I grow up and become a real blogger I want to be like him!
    • Lucy has to be my favorite new blog-friend. I disagree, sometimes to the point of needing to take a few calming breaths, with her viewpoints (and, in fairness, she with mine) but I am so grateful for the opportunity to carry on a civil and fair discussion with someone who doesn't think like me. It has been so refreshing to discover that such a thing can actually happen. I always look forward to her posts and I sometimes scold her (gently) about her use of language unbecoming of one of her intelligence.
So, one year of blogging down and another year ahead. I've got plenty of unfinished projects lying about.
  1. Who knows Mike, maybe, just maybe, A Shepherd's Tale will find a continuation.
  2. Brother Maynard, maybe I'll get that Reader's Digest Bible review done.
  3. Carol, The White Crucifixtion is huge. We should have tackled it before Easter, but a look at the cross is good anytime. Don't you agree?
  4. Lucy, there's a post on funeral's for strangers in the slow cooker. I'll let you know when the table is set.
Even with the unfinished projects piling up there are all the new possibilities and adventures out ahead of us that will certainly find some time in this space. To all who have become regulars (both of you :-)!) I look forward to continuing bump into you. To all who have just dropped by, come again soon and introduce yourself. To all who may accidentally find your way here, I don't believe it to be an accident. Who knows what may come of the few moments our lives intersect?

Let me go blow out the candles on my blogoversary cake now! Hasta pronto!


kevin said...

Congrats. Next year I'll just give you the same thing I gave you this year.

Mike said...

Congrats on this. Your the best.

You have an interesting observation of me, "wounded and healing".

Paul Thompson said...

Happy Anniversary.
I need to get you to Idaho this coming summer and go backpacking in the Sawtooth Mountains. I'm enjoying your thoughts and reflections on life. Good to know you.

John said...

Kevin, can't wait to get it!

Mike, just a perception but it comes through in the conversation. Thanks for faithfully pressing on.

Paul, thanks for the invite! I will have to keep this quiet - if my boys ever find out I'll never hear the end of it until we crank the car up and drive to Idaho!

Random me said...

Cothrom an lae shona duit (pronounced 'cuh-rum on lay hunna dit')

That's Happy Anniversary in Irish!

Lucy Arin said...


I'm so touched. Thank you for your kind words.

As we go about our daily lives, our social nature ensures that we gather a reliable group of friends or at least like-minded individuals around us, to bounce ideas off of, to talk to, to support us, and 'prove' that what we think is right. So it is with much fascination that I've read your posts (and e-mails) because in the world outside of the computer, I'd never seek the advice or thoughts of a conservative Christian.

So thank you, and happy blogversary!

Brother Maynard said...

Congrats! And thanks for the kind words.

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