September 17, 2008

Twenty and Counting!

Twenty years ago I said "I do" to this beautiful woman who graces my life with joy and laughter every day. She is a marvelous cook, an unparalleled mother, a natural wit, a well of wisdom, and the one I can't wait to get home to each day. To say I am blessed would fall far short of the mark.

We often laugh out loud at what God must have been thinking when He brought us together.
  • I love solitude and silence, she leaves the television on for "background" noise.
  • I am a constant reader, she reads for survival.
  • I am a "Good morning God!" person, she is a "Good God, it's morning!" person.
  • I am self professed nerd, she is a southern lady.
  • I believe "Gone With the Wind" to be a perfect waste of three hours of film, she thinks it's the greatest movie ever made.
I could go on and on but I'm sure you're developing a picture in your mind. Our lives are rarely dull and our conversations are often punctuated by lively exchanges of ideas. I cannot imagine life any other way!

I am approaching the point at which I will have lived half of my born days with this woman. Funny, but I'm not sure I ever really lived before she came into my life. Sure, I can remember some great moments from my younger years (I had a great childhood!) but they all pale in comparison with the moments I have shared with her. And as I look forward to what lies ahead of us (kids in college, our 2nd honeymoon (aka "empty nest"), daughters and son in law, grandchildren, adventures, etc.) I get that Christmas morning feeling in my stomach. I just can't wait to see what's there for us!

My Beloved, you are truly the treasure of my heart. I thank God for you. Here's to the next twenty and beyond! I can't wait to see what's around the bend!


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Paul Thompson said...

congratulations friend!

Carol L. Douglas said...

Congratulations to both you and your wife, my friend. A long and good marriage truly is a great gift from God and an unparalleled pleasure.