October 8, 2008

Centenarian Still Preaching!

W.L. Baker is a man after my own heart! I sometimes get asked the "retirement" question which goes something like this, "So, how long do you think you'll be preaching?" My answer is I can't imagine not having the opportunity to stand and proclaim the marvelous truth of God's word on a regular basis. I get itchy after a couple of weeks out of the pulpit!

W.L. Baker recently had the opportunity to stand before almost 500 who had gathered to hear him deliver a sermon on Deuteronomy 34. The wonderful serendipity of this event was that this particular Sunday just happened to fall on his 100th birthday! You can read the rest of this story here. I wonder how many in attendance pondered the remarkable event in which they were participating?

On a few occasions in my life I have enjoyed the teaching of a sainted senior citizen and have marveled at the depth of their faith. They possess a wisdom and confidence arising from years of consistent reliance on God's presence in their lives which is heard not only in their words but in their lives. I pray that I will finish well and be one of those people. But, until then, I say, "Congratulations W.L.! Thank you for making level paths and straight roads on which we can follow. Here's to your 101st year of service!"


Sojourner said...

These days I love to hear about "senior" servants. I've returned to school in preparation for a new direction of call. And I am very afraid, yet still hanging on to that Hope :0)

Jungle Mom said...

Thank you for coming by! Please come again.
I have looked around here and really enjoyed your post where you used the acronym for VOTE. Very similar to a post I did on post modernism last Sunday!

Paul Thompson said...

John, I hate to post off topic; but... I'm needing help with locating any kind of a Baptist Children's home/orphanage. Are you aware of any?