February 6, 2009

Wiersbe on Worship Watching

"Whatever we watch on television, including a religious service, we watch in an entertainment context. No matter what the program is, even a devastating documentary, we don't take it too seriously. Why? Because the world of television is not 'real'

"Now we can begin to understand why television is a threat to Christian ministry: ministry isn't supposed to be entertainment, and a preacher isn't supposed to be a performer. True ministry implies involvement: We're worshiping in the holy presence of God, and we're obligated to hear God's Word and obey it. When we put religion on TV, a subtle force goes to work that transforms everything. The viewer does not attend the same service as the people in the sanctuary or in the the TV studio."

Warren Wiersbe, The Integrity Crisis


Kevin in Manila said...

I'm not sure I agree with him, but it's a thought worth considering.

Of course, I could make a better case against Christian TV in two words: Benny Hinn

Paul Thompson said...

Kevin, I'm with you on building a case against Christian TV with those two words.

John, I like Wiersbe's rational. I think television period (makes me a radical extremist is know) is as much of a threat to Christian ministry as gossip, back biting, un-repentance, immoral living, complete disregard to all things godly... Oh wait a minute, that is TV, what am I thinking.

John said...

I liked the thought, maybe not so much the thought process. What really grabbed my attention with the statement was the implication of involvement. Worship is a communal activity. Yes, it can be intensely individual and personal but in its best and truest expression it is a shared experience. Something I just can't achieve through the T.V. set.

Paul, loved the satire on the issue of T.V. Perfect.

Kevin, The Benny Hinn show is GREAT entertainment. And yes, a GREAT argument against Christian T.V. Exhibit B - TBN. Don't get me started.

sojourner said...

Happy Valentine's Day!