April 17, 2009

Can This Really Be Happening?

I am with my eldest in Mobile today. He registers for fall classes at the University of Mobile today. This is almost dreamlike. I am not old enough to have a child entering the college years! Admittedly, I am not dealing with all of this very well.

That said, I must say that he and I are having a great time. We stopped by the hospital on the way down to visit with some of the flock that were there and had a funny, and now recurring, experience. We got on the elevator with some total strangers who took one look at us and said to my eldest, "You're his son aren't you. You two look like twins!" We both laughed and I again apologized to him for this. We had sooooo hoped he would look more like his mother! Alas, joyfully, he is without doubt my son.


Lucy Arin said...

My father likes to say, (regarding child-rearing and his kids)
"You give them roots, and you give them wings. The rest is up to them."

Letting him spread those wings has got to be bittersweet.

sojourner said...

hey your post goes with my post for today - you've got to let them go and have their freedom - sad but true ;0)