May 12, 2009

A Few Photos of Fidel's Finished Boats

Sojourner asked if I had any pictures of Fidel's finished product and these are the best I can do. I also included a couple of photos showing the pescadores at work. Hope you enjoy!

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sojourner said...

WOW it's hard to believe it only takes three weeks to build these boats - they are beautiful - i wonder how Fidel feels when he sees his boats out on the water bringing in the catch - i know it would make my heart lurch to know i made so many vessels to bring food to so many people - my neighbor is building a boat from scratch and my eldest son (25) is refinisning an old wooden boat beside our house - my husband gave the boat to him - it was given to my husband by his father who bought it so they could fish together - sometimes when i'm writing papers (or blogging!) i can hear my son sanding the boat outside my office window - my heart lurches then to know the boat has been passed to a third generation - when i met my husband he was in the process of refinishing it - the boat never made it back into the water because he was always too busy at work and then we started our family - i am hoping my son will be the one to see it to the water - thank you for sharing these additional photos and I will pray for Fidel and planted seeds - perhaps you will be able to go out with him the next time you visit there :0)