October 16, 2009

Hey Mark over at Pragmatic-Ecclectic!

Mark, I attempted a drop-by reading today and was unceremoniously stonewalled by the "by invitation only" page. While I fully understand the decision I rue the fact that I am now sitting on the outside without the ability to look in from time to time. Perusing your ponderings was (and hopefully will be) a pleasure and a prodding for the pudding in my head.

If there's a test to pass I'll study. If there's a secret handshake to learn I'll practice. I'll even promise to leave comments in the shout box (unless of course the mysteries of technology allow me access to utilize the normal venue for comments...). Hey Mark over at Pragmatic-Ecclectic! I would really like to be an invited reader!


Yvette said...

Hi! I didn't know Mark has done this - i've been very busy lately - i'll go by and check - hope he lets you in! You're always welcome at my place :0) although i've changed some things because of time constraints.

Mike said...

I just emailed Mark. Hopefully the situation will be resolved shortly.

John said...

Yvette, your kindness is a foregone conclusion in my mind. Thank you for the open armed invitation. It is returned with warm regards.

Mike, thank you for interceding on my behalf. I somehow feel that this may not be the first time you have done this for me - although with a high priest who knows our needs rather than a fellow-blogger who, like us, is doing well to take care of his own needs.