December 13, 2011

The Martyr's Oath

The Martyr's Oath is a pledge that many Pioneer Missionaries take before launching out into the mission field, to not only live for the Lord, but to die for Him.  This concept is completely alien to our westernized Christianity.  We would do well to call to mind Bonhoeffer's words, "When Christ calls a man he bids him to come and die." (The Cost of Discipleship).  This oath can be found in various forms but its content is largely the same.  Following is one version which speaks clearly to the commitment to which we are called.
  • Today, I stand as a dead man. I declare that in Jesus Christ, I am saved by his blood, and thus I am dead to sin, and no longer dead in my sin. 
  • Today, I stand and declare that I surrender my will and my life to His will and His life. 
  • I shall go where He sends me, without asking questions. 
  • I shall go to whomever He sends me, without seeking fame. 
  • I shall preach to everyone, even if they hate me. 
  • I am an Ambassador of the cross, and must deliver the message. 
  • I shall pour my life out to reach my family, my friends, my neighbors and my city. 
  • I embrace the shame of the cross, and I fear nothing but God. 
  • I welcome suffering, shame, persecution, beatings, imprisonments and death, but I will not be silenced.
  • If I am killed, I pray that my blood should be a harvest for souls.
  • This is my calling, I dare not do less.
While we remember the gift given during this season may we consider the cost of receiving so great a salvation.

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