March 29, 2007

Our Chicken Children

Here's picture of some of our girls. They are so good to us - eggs everyday! This has really been a fun project for us and I must admit that I thought my wife had truly lost her mind when she suggested that we raise chickens! I have probably enjoyed it more than she has. Something in my blood. I can still hear my Papaw talking to the animals. I find myself doing it now.

Pictured here (for the uninitiated) are Aunt Tammy (a Buff Orpington - the yellow chicken), 5 of the 6 "Spice Girls" (Rhode Island Reds - the red ones - duh!) and one of "Wild Girls" (a Silver Laced Wyandotte - the black and white one). They are lining up for a little free time in the yard. I'm sure at some point I will share some other pics and stories with you but right now it's time to gather some eggs!

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