October 15, 2007

Monday Morning Message - Leave Your Water Pitcher

Among the best known stories of Jesus' ministry is the story of the woman at the well in John 4. Like so many things with which we are familiar we often fail to take note of some of the telling details. This is the case (at least for me) with this story. In all the times I've read it or heard it told or worked it over in my mind there is a startling detail that had always eluded me, until now. Now I don't think I'll ever encounter the story the same way.

The woman left her water pitcher. There it is. Nothing dramatic. In and of itself it is a pretty nondescript action. However, placed in the context of the story and the reality of her life it is a story that stands alone. I could go on for quite a while on this point, but rather than me filling in all the blanks on this one why don't you just let this rattle around in your head a while. I think you will, like me, come to the place that seeing that woman walking away from the well without her water pitcher will communicate much more than I ever could with a few typed words.

One more thing, are you carrying a water pitcher today?

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