October 29, 2007

Monday Morning Message - Pink Slipped!

Well, it happened. What more can I say. I got pink slipped yesterday morning. I never saw it coming. As far as I could tell it was a pretty normal Sunday morning. Little did I know that I was about to lose my job. I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life.

It happened like this...

I stood to give the morning announcements and get our service started when our Chairman of Deacons interrupted and insisted on taking the floor. This unusual circumstance was compounded by the presence of the Vice-Chairman of Deacons joining him on the platform. I knew something was up. Mr. Vice-Chairman proceeded to read the notice of termination for me and our Minister of Music while handing us our pink slips. While the shock was settling in I noticed coming through the rear doors of the sanctuary two men carrying a sofa. The sofa was brought to the front where Minister of Music and I were instructed to be seated. We were then informed this was only a temporary termination for reasons of appreciation.

Somehow our entire church family had planned an appreciation service for us with us being none the wiser. Everything was taken care of and Minister of Music and I "took the day off." We enjoyed a memorable time of worship as a church family. It was marked by tears, as stories were shared of God's goodness, and laughter, as a "guest music director" led the choir (trust me, you just had to be there). It was amazing to move from side splitting laughter to spirit filled worship in song as God's people worshiped together. One of our young deacons brought the morning sermon that challenged and moved our congregation. The service closed with the church gathering around us and praying for us. It was truly a time of wonderful celebration and affirmation of all that God is doing in this place.

I am uniquely blessed to pastor this flock.

BTW - I got my job back after the service was over :-)!


Mike said...

Wow. What an amazing group of people. It is stories like this that really move my heart. No doubt this will live in your memories.

Paul Thompson said...

What a precious thing your church did. As I began reading this I first thought... "WHAT?" It's good that I kept reading.
It's good to serve God's people isn't it? I love it!

paulettewito said...

and it's good that God has blessed First Baptist Sulligent with this shepherd and his side kick, Jeff!!! We truly love them both and lift them up in prayer daily. (I'm not the only one that feels that way!)

Pastor John said...

Hello "Alabama John" I have appreciated your occasional comment to my blog. I realize that the connection must be through my Pastor Paul Thompson.

Regarding the quote about saying the same to the face of a person as you do behind closed doors: well as always most of our quotes are borrowed as was mine. I just happen to overhear a "politician" make a similar comment and I thought I could re-arranged the words enough to make it useful for those in the Church.

God has been good to you through your Church and the "Pink-Slip" Worship Service.

-"Idaho, By Way Of New Mexico" John Martinez

Lucy Arin said...


having lost my own job recently, my heart sank when I saw this. But as another commenter above, I kept reading and soon realized that I'd been had. :-) Congrats on pulling the wool over the internet's eyes, it gave me a good laugh.

John said...


Glad to be a source of laughter for you during these difficult days. Also glad you kept reading. I'm happy that I was able to communicate in words some of the surprise I felt.

As always, blessings to you.