June 11, 2008

About the Picture - A Sower Went Out to Sow

"And he told them many things in parables saying, 'A sower went out to sow'" (Matthew 13:3)

This is the little patch of dirt in which I have the joy of growing things . As dirt goes it not the best or most fertile but it's dirt with which I have a growing love affair. Turning dirt over and dropping seeds in it is something that is most certainly in my blood. I have clear and fond memories of both of my grandfathers standing by themselves with a straw hat on their head and a hoe in their hand while working in the gardens they tended. I remember sweet corn, cool cucumbers, pungent peppers, and glorious watermelons being the marvelous fruits of their labors.

Gardening is a singularly humble pursuit requiring great labors and recognizing a miraculous partnership. It is humble because it is in the dirt. There's just no way around getting your hands dirty in the work of growing things. Often I find myself on my hands and knees pursuing yet another weed or admiring the marvel of root systems exposed by clearing away weeds.

It is a miraculous partnership as I recognize that from the moment I drop those dried up, seemingly insignificant, little seeds into the earth something greater than all my efforts must enter into the equation. I am powerless to make things grow. The life contained in those tiny repositories is a grand mystery. Yet, by providing the rudimentary elements necessary they explode into life. I find it instructive that with all of our scientific brilliance we are still unable to mimic the miracle of nascent life.

This sower went out to sow. What will be reaped when the time for the harvest comes? That remains to be seen.

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