June 3, 2008

Just Another Reason

The following quote is from "OnMission," a publication of the North American Mission Board. It's just another reason I'm proud to be affiliated with the Souther Baptist Convention.

"As Southern Baptists we celebrate a baptism every 38 seconds and 831,725 baptisms worldwide annually. Southern Baptist churches start 53 churches every day (19,401 worldwide annual total). We've rebuilt 11,000 inner-city homes over the last 15 years. We're the third largest disaster relief provider in the nation. And we've been ministering to AIDS victims in Africa since the 1980's, long before it became a celebrity-championed cause." (Source www.cpmissions.net)

This only scratches the surface of the good work being done by Southern Baptists. My hat is off to every church member who will give a week of vacation and pay real dollars for the privilege of serving others in the name of Jesus this summer. I applaud every nail driven, every English as a Second Language class taught, every box of food given, every child loved and encouraged at VBS this summer, and every mile driven to meet the needs of a friend or a stranger.


Paul Thompson said...

John, I too am very thankful to God for Southern Baptist. I have to be reminded of the good that Southern Baptist are involved in to keep things in perspective.
Thanks for the perspective today.
Have you ever attended an annual Southern Baptist Convention meeting? I was only part of a Crossover event in Salt Lake City. I should go again some day. Thanks again John, I enjoy reading your thoughts (and perspective)

Paul Thompson said...

I also need to learn to proof my comments before I submit. I should have put an "s" on at least two of those "baptist" to be Baptists. Oh well, non-baptist in Idaho spells Baptist "Babtist."

John said...


As ALWAYS it is good to have you around. In answer to your question, no, I have never attended a Southern Baptist Convention. I suppose I need to do that at some point. Perhaps we can make plans to do that together. I keep waiting on it to be in Hawaii!

Thank you for your kind words. I too enjoy reading the "Bridge" on a regular basis.