July 31, 2009

About The Photo

I suppose I am taking more notice of honeybees these days. The news stories of their demise and my youngest son's interest in them as a hobby has put them solidly on my radar. So you can imagine my intrigue in watching this little fellow doing his best to get a drink of water from my water bottle in the midst of the Great Smoky Mountains.

My fellow trekkers and I had just arrived at our campsite after descending from one of the high points in the park. Ten-plus miles of walking downhill will take its toll on one's knees and toes. So a soak in the nearby creek and a welcome sit down gave us a few moments to take in the beauty of our surroundings.

Among those beautiful things that caught my eye were these honeybees. It was wonderful to see them busy in and around our campsite. I found myself imagining a black bear finding the hive and enjoying a snack. I wondered where these little guys (and their queenly gal) made their home. Perhaps some ancient hollow tree, or maybe a sheltered cliff-side crack? I would not know on this trip. I was just glad these guys were doing their job. The wildflowers on display were a marvelous testament to their labors.

Here are a couple of other memorable photos from that trip. I hope you enjoy!

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Dew of Hermon said...

I enjoyed your blog and from the pictures that must have been one beautiful trek. I recently watched a TV documentary on the disappearing honeybee in which it pointed out that so vital is this little creature that if it becomes extinct then our days are also numbered.The bees role in cross pollination of plsnts is sppsrently irreplacable !

sojourner said...

I like the trail. It makes me wonder where it leads. We have some honey bees living in a crack of an old oak tree on a trail that leads to our tank at the ranch. I've been meaning to take a photo of it. Thanks for the reminder.