July 15, 2009

As We Forgive

Could you forgive the person who murdered your family? This incredibly powerful and difficult question is addressed in the film "as we forgive" airing on PBS stations tonight. I have not seen the film but became acquainted with the project about 4 months ago after reading the book by the same name. I am astounded by the depth of forgiveness exhibited by victims of the genocide in Rawanda in the early 1990's. I am shamed by my own petty un-forgiveness.

If you have a PBS station on your T.V. set check the listing. I assure you the stories told here will be well worth your while. You can find more information about the film at as we forgive.

I will be posting more on the issue of forgiveness soon.
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sojourner said...

Forgiveness would come hard in that regard.

Paul Thompson said...

John, This is a probing question about forgiving a person who would do such a horrible thing. I will look for a DVD of this program to watch. Thanks for the reccomendation.