May 16, 2007

Are Mormons Christian?


(I promise more on this later. Just had to answer the question today after having been asked this several times over the last 10 days. Reasons to follow...)


Spencer said...

> Are Mormon's Christian?

> No.

==Actually yes, we are. Of course we are.



John said...


Thanks for dropping by and I hope to see/hear from you again soon. I promise to share the reasons why I don't believe Mormons to be Christian. I would love to hear why you believe otherwise. I know the post came across as brusque, I apologize for the "tone" but I desired to clearly state my position and I think I achieved that. More to come with a gentler, yet firm approach.


Anonymous said...

Of course we are.

What your definitions are don't matter. If I'm not a Christian, being LDS, means that your self-identification is probably at risk too. I look to Christ as my savior. He is my only savior. He died on the cross and bore my sins.

Many of the other ideas that LDS have on the perifory are also held by other churches, to some degree. If you are willing to throw others under the bus, fine. I'm willing to let the Savior determine if I am following him.

Phil & Sue said...

Interesting. My view is that they are a Jewish Cult.
But apart from having separate Scriptures other than the Bible, they will not acknowledge Jesus as God. So they are not Christians. It says in John 1 that The Word (logos) became flesh. In other Words Jesus is the revelation of God in flesh. Jesus also said who ever has seen me has seen the Father.
This much I do know. They need to know Jesus and be loved and cared for, not argued with. Looking forward to your Post John

John said...

Phil & Sue and A Nony Mous,
As always, thanks for taking the time to stop by. I know the post is abrupt and screams that I want to pick a fight with someone. Not my intent. Arguing is not my suit - civil discussion with sensible people - definitely. My opening comment was intended to do two things: 1. Clearly state my position on this matter. 2. Invite attention to this issue. How am I doing?