May 8, 2007

Home Again!

We have returned from our Venezuelan adventure. It is so good to be home and sleeping in our own bed again! the trip was successful and I feel that God used this as an opportunity to encourage and strengthen the church in Venezuela for this time in history. It is amazing to watch God raise up an instrument for His use at just the right moment. More on this in another post.

If you have a few moments touch base with the Scott family (pictured here), they were kind enough to include us in their newsletter. They are a godly and joy-filled family that opened wide their hearts to us. Pray for them and the work they continue to do there in Venezuela.


Panda said...

Good to see you're back, John! I was just wondering - is there freedom for Christians in Venezuela? Can they express their beliefs opelnly?

John said...


Thanks for checking in! Yes, there is religious freedom in Venezuela, at least for now. I'm not sure how long el presidente will allow gatherings of people without some sort of oversight. My friends there say that if you want to know what is going to happen next in Venezuela just look to the history of Cuba.

Pray for the church there. I believe that God is raising this church up for this time. It is no simple coincidence that the church in Venezuela is experiencing dynamic growth at the very time that the government of Venezuela is courting the governments of nations that are closed to the gospel. More in a later post.