May 30, 2007

Coffee Ruined

I have ruined myself. Folgers used to be fine. In fact, I chose Folgers over other brands in the past. I repeat, in the past. Folgers hasn't changed, so far as I know. I have. It began with the seemingly innocuous and novel grinding of beans in the grocery store aisle. It smelled good and made a cool noise in a place immersed in elevator music (gag!). My change progressed when I received a bean grinder for Christmas. Now I could grind at home! My family LOVES the early morning sound of beans being ground. It is music to my ears and a sweet aroma for the nose.

The completion of my coffee ruination has only recently occurred. I returned from Venezuela accompanied by nearly 10 pounds of beans, which I saw hand packed by some wonderful Venezuelan ladies. So, each morning for the last month (and a few afternoons) I have relished, yea verily reveled in, the marvelous sweetness of freshly packed and freshly ground Venezuelan coffee.

So, how has this ruined me you ask? This morning the wonderful and thoughtful ladies in the office brought me a cup of unadulterated coffee (I drink it black - the only way to truly enjoy) and my taste buds revolted at the obvious taste of long canned and short flavored Folgers coffee. Alas, I will never be the same. Ruined! Gloriously ruined!

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Four Eyes said...

I too have been ruined by the beguiling aroma and taste fresh ground coffee. O the joy and perky bliss!!! I once swore by Folgers in my cup but now as I am often forced by curcumstance to drink drink acidic muddy brews my thoughts flee away to a happy place fresh ground exotic beauty.

Thanks for the comment on my blog I for sure will be checking back on yours - a man who who appreciats fresh ground is obviosly of great enlightenment,