November 30, 2007

Advent Blogging 2007 - Synchroblog event

I will be participating on Fridays in this synchroblog event imagined and engineered by Brother Maynard over at Subversive Influence. Feel free to click on the title line of any of my posts and you will be linked back to the latest synchroblog posting at Bro. Maynard's place. In addition, you may find various links to the others who are synchroblogging as I run across those that ring the jingle bells in my head and heart.

Here's a list of the participants:

I encourage you to stop by their places of blog and enjoy the journey.

A starting place for me today is to begin at the ending. Revelation 22:20 reads, "He who testifies to these things says, 'Surely I am coming soon.' Amen! Come, Lord Jesus!" As I come to this season of celebration I find myself in a Janusian quandary; wishing I had two faces. One to look back through history to the blessed first coming of Immanuel and one to look forward to the imminent blessing of His return. Alas, I have but one face and but one set of eyes with which to look upon this event that was and is to be. Is it possible that by gazing upon one I will be able to see the other? This is my hope and prayer.

"And because of His visitation, we may no longer desire God as if He were lacking: our redemption is no longer a question of pursuit but of surrender to Him who is always and everywhere present. Therefore at every moment we pray that, following Him, we may depart from our anxiety into His peace." (From The Meditation of Simeon in For the Time Being by W. H. Auden)