November 9, 2007

Some Project Updates and NEW Project for Christmas

Project #1. Carol, over at Watch Me Paint, has posted her end of the conversation about the painting she chose for us to engage. It is a marvelous painting (and apparently huge! 100 x 110 inches. Would love to see it up close and personal...) with some equally marvelous things to say to us. I'm still working on my end of the conversation and will likely post sometime over the weekend.

Project #2. Peggy, over at The Virtual Abbess, shamed me into reviewing the Reader's Digest Condensed Version of the Bible. I have posted once and should post again late next week by which time I should be well into the prophets. It has been a remarkable adventure racing through Scripture like this. I feel like I'm taking in all the wonders of God's Word on an interstate doing about 80 m.p.h. Quite a different view than the scenic by-way I am accustomed to driving. I know I'm missing some wonderful stops along the way but I have somewhere to be in a hurry so, I'll keep zipping along.

Project #3. Back before shepherd work went crazy busy I started a pilgrimage called "A Shepherd's Tale". But as wanderings and journeys are apt to do, this one was interrupted. Well, perhaps a resumption of the pilgrimage is in order. There is surely some spiritual insight to be gained from this experience on pilgrimage...I'll have to work on that one. A fresh installment is on the drafting table now and will be ready for daylight soon.

NEW project!

I'm officially creating a meme (what the heck does that stand for anyway?!). Here's the drill...

Whatever you view of the war in Iraq may be, the reality is there are men and women who, in the faithful dispensation of their duties, have been seriously wounded and are recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Here's an opportunity to let some of them know they are not forgotten.

1. Send a Christmas card to...
A Recovering American Soldier
c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center
690 Georgia Ave. NW
Washington D.C. 20307-5001

2. Tag 5 others with these instructions.

3. Post this info, along with your tags, to your blog.

4. Send the card!

I hereby tag Idaho Paul, "Idaho, By Way Of New Mexico" John Martinez, Lucy, Kuya Kevin, and Four Eyes. Enjoy the blessing of blessing someone else!


kevin said...

Hey John,

I'm thinking about posting this Xmas card thing on my mass email instead of my blog. I may post in on my blog, too; but most of my readers are Filipinos.

Send me an email so I'll know what email you are now using.

Mike said...

I'm looking forward to the pilgrimage continuing. The purpose of a pilgrimage is not the destination, but what the Lord show us on the Journey. we learn more from the journey than anything.

John said...

Kevin, check your inbox for the email from me...good idea although it might be interesting to see the Filipino response...

Mike, thanks for the encouragement. You were among the first to jump on board for the journey. Your observation is right on the money.

Four Eyes said...

Thanks for the tag. I'm game... these soldiers don't get paid enough to serve and protect - a Christmas thanks is the least we can do.

AbiSomeone said...

Hello, John! Just checking in to see when the next installment of your RDCV review is due...glad to see it is coming up!

Had to laugh about your project turning into a pilgrimage...I have told my friends that if I ever write my memoirs I will call them "An Interrupted Life: What I Did on the Way to Where I was Going."

Be blessed....