November 2, 2007

My Art Teacher Told Me I Needed To Write

Carol, over at Watch Me Paint, and I are attempting to collaborate on a blog project. Utilizing her expertise and my willingness to give my opinion about any and everything, even (especially?) things I know next to nothing about, we are going to attempt to bring some culture to this corner of the blogosphere.

I suggested that we choose (more she than me) some biblically inspired artwork and comment upon it. Carol from the artist's viewpoint and I from a pastoral point of view. Carol readily accepted and immediately suggested a couple of works with which to grapple. I've got to tell you, she's throwing me into the deep end of the pool immediately! (Like I indicated, I'm into stuff WAY above my pay grade here.) You will find the relevant posts linked to each other to make it easy to follow both conversation threads.

All that aside, I am excited about the opportunity to learn and discuss some wonderful pieces of art and the attendant issues they bring to our attention. If a picture is truly worth a thousand words I think it well worth a bit of our time to discover what these men and women are trying to say to us.


Mike said...

This is a great idea. Soe much was inspired to honor GOD. I think that is something we have forgetten today. I will look forward to this.

John said...


Thanks for the encouragement. Hope it is beneficial for all and perhaps stirs our souls with a different stick.


Carol L. Douglas said...

Over to you, John! And a knotty, tortured little essay it is.