June 29, 2009

Lying Down In Green Pastures

This Shepherd will be on vacation with the family this week. Don't look for updates here or anywhere else. I'm taking a break from all things electronic...well, I will have my cell phone in case of emergency but there will be no facebook or twitter updates. I'm probably not responding to SMS messages. I might listen to my voicemail - might not.

Check back next week. I'll tell you about life disconnected. What I'll really be telling you about is life re-connected. Re-connected with the relationships that really matter in this life. Until then, I am outta' here!


sojourner said...

What?? "facebook" - "twitter" - "SMS"!!!! I never knew you were such a techno geek!

Hope you enjoy your disconnect!

Mark (under construction) said...

Leave it all behind Brother, enjoy the vacation!!!