June 10, 2009

When Is It Right To Rebel - Part 2

Mark, over at Pragmatic-Eclectic has posted an interesting read on this issue I raised last week. I am greatly appreciative of the historic insight he offers as well as his decrying the latest addition to the already bloated "Bibles for profit" business. (Rant for another day and time.)

It is an additional voice to bring to the table of this conversation. I am of the opinion that there is a time for all things (Ecclesiastes 3:8 - unless of course we're just throwing that portion out...) but that we are often too quick to rush to war. So, any other thoughts on this one? Is there a time to take up arms as believers? If so, when?

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Paul Thompson said...

I'm teaching Ecclesiastes in my Sunday School class and we are coming upon this text in a few weeks. Your questions you raise are right (and Biblical.) They will indeed be helpful in considerations of the text. Thanks.