June 14, 2009

Zemanta test...

Playing with a new tool. Zemanta. We will see how well I like it. It's supposed to give me "relevant content to enhance my blog and emails." As you can s

MISSILE STONEWARE:  Thor's thunder~bolt~serpen...Image by quapan via Flickr

ee from the "relevant photo" I've chosen I still prefer stone aged tools like pen and paper to all this modern machination. However, I do enjoy the interaction that such modern marvels as the blogosphere and email have made possible. At what other time in history would I have been able to put together a few words expressing some of my ideas and then have the opportunity to have response from such far flung places as Australia, Africa, and Arkansas? Have fun clicking on the links! I think this may enter the area of "too much information" but it may have some useful helps along the way. We shall see.
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