July 6, 2007

Good to be home

Thank you all for your prayers! Our group has returned safely from our trip to Guatemala. It was a trip riddled with difficulties and with great opportunities. I promise to share more fully in a later post. I simply wanted to say thanks to all of you who prayed, share a brief summary of the trip and let you see a couple of pictures.

In summation...
We encountered and shared the gospel with people from 4 continents. Cab drivers from Senegal and Mauritania (West Africa), various individuals who served us in Memphis, a reporter from Austria (Europe), and numerous individuals from Central and South America.

In Guatemala we...
  • held Vacation Bible School for over 200 children in two different locations.
  • shared over 3000 tracts with residents in three communities.
  • shared the gospel with over 150 high school students in two different schools.
  • saw at least 20 people make a decision to follow Jesus.
  • met a part of God's family that challenged and inspired us.
  • were personally changed by watching God at work in all the places we went.
As we return we are all struggling to find words to share the stories. Pictures and words can only go so far. I pray that as you read these words and look at these pictures you are led to pray for the church in Guatemala.

This is our group praying over the Lantana community. This is a new community that has no church presence of any sort. Pray for the Luz de Lantana mission as they shine the light of Christ in their community.

This is Alex. He has just prayed to receive Christ and is now a member of the family of God! Pray for Alex and pray for the believers in San Pedro as they help him to grow into a mature follower of Jesus.

This is Lee leading Bible Study for the children in Lantana. Pray that the seeds of the gospel will find fertile soil in the hearts of these children. Pray that they will grow up to love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength and make a difference in their society.

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Panda said...

Great to read this and to see the pics, John. I trust that the Lord will continue the good work.