July 16, 2007

The Newest Member of our Flock!

We had a wonderful surprise at lunch today! A new chick had hatched out sometime this morning! We are anticipate some more soon - you can expect more pictures when the others arrive.

My Beloved decided to put a few of our Buff Oprington's eggs under a couple of our Rhode Island Red's who had "gone broody" and try to hatch them. Well, success is her name today! We are excited about having a few more Buff's. They are good natured birds and beautiful to see. It is truly a miraculous process to witness. Shortly after I took this photo the little one worked its way under the proud mother hen and took a nice little nap. Talk about a precious thing to see! If you're in town, stop in and see our new addition!


Pastor John said...

Nice picture of the birds. We were 'raisers' of chickens while we lived in New Mexico, but since we moved to Idaho and into a subdivision not too much of a chance of yard-birds gracing our lot.

John Martinez

John said...

Pastor John,

Sorry to hear that you no longer have the joy of a rooster's song or the pleasure of a fresh egg. This has been a really fun diversion for my family and me. Thanks for stopping by.


Paul said...

Our pastor lives on a farm too! And when I visited him recently, he asked me whether we liked to have some eggs. Well, why not? So he gave me a box with fresh eggs from his own chickens. He also said that people need to buy a chicken if they don't believe in God... 'Just look at the production of these birds!'

Well, I do believe in God, so he didn't have to convince me. But it is always nice to have some fresh eggs with a little sermon all for free! ;-)

John said...


For the record, I do not live on a "farm". We do some "farm" type things on our little piece of property but nothing that deserves the "farm" moniker. Although we consistently try to make our little piece of land more productive. This year we planted two grape vines and a new apple tree. Maybe fruit next year!

Your pastor is right! Get you some chickens!