July 10, 2007

Playing Tag with My Friends

Something interesting I ran across in my surfing today. I think it did a fairly good job of identifying my leadership/personality style.

My personalDNA Report

Since I was UNFAIRLY tagged by TWO (count 'em, one, two) people while I was out of the country!!!! I think it only reasonable that I tag the two offenders and request appropriate compensation for my troubles. One caveat (love that word!), I have not responded to their tags just yet. Plan to get to that tomorrow or Thursday. In the mean time Paul, at
But a Poor Reflection, and Lucy at Well Behaved Women, you're on notice!

1. Take the test
2. Tag me back when you've posted the results.
3. Feel free to eat up others blog time with this wonderful game!


Lucy Arin said...

As my father often says, "turn-about is fair play." I'll let ya know what it says.


Panda said...

Ha, ha! I am a good sport and will play this game of back-tagging with you! And of course I will also read your entries about your trip to Guatemala. Take your time to unpack your stuff, relax and recover from the trip, my friend! No worries.

John said...

Thanks Paul and Lucy! I promise to take a shot at your tags Thursday. Blessings.


Panda said...

Have a look and find out about my Personal DNA... www.abspoel.blogspot.com