July 25, 2007

Pray for Idaho

Just came from my buddy Paul Thompson's blog, Bridge Bloggin, and they are in a crisis out there. His church is in a position to be on the front lines in caring for some folks who need help and hope right now. Let's get some folks praying for this church family and the people who are in the path of these incredible fires.

Here are a few suggestions for prayers...
*Pray for rain!
*Pray for Eastside Baptist Church. Pray for them to be bold in stepping forward to meet needs. Pray for them to be sensitive to those who are hurting. Pray for them to be a source of hope for some people who have lost hope.
*Pray for Paul. As pastor he will be called on to fill a lot of roles from administrator to counselor to friend. Pray God will give him strength during these days.
*Pray for opportunities to share the gospel with people. C.S. Lewis said that pain is "God's megaphone". Maybe God is speaking to some people through this terrible time.

Take a moment and drop by Paul's blog and leave him an encouraging word.


Paul Thompson said...

thank you John, and others that will be praying for us. today has cooled off and some humidity is in the air. We have church members who ranch on some of the range land that is burning. Pray also for some of our elderly people in the city that are having a hard time with asthma related issues with the smoke in the air.

John, your quote from C.S. Lewis was timely for us, and thank you for the call to pray. I'm reading Philip Yancey's book "Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference". A timely word from God in my life. Thank you brother.

John said...

I too am reading Yancey's book on Prayer. Engaging stuff. He makes me think, sometimes in uncomfortable ways.
A quote from my reading today in Yancey's book, "So many times when I pray I feel like I'm either shaking my fists in God's face (defiance) or pounding then on his chest (grief). Would that I could just place them on his knees, and have him hold my hands in his." (p77).

Here's praying you allow God to hold your hands.


Carol L. Douglas said...

Have done prayed, John, and passed the message along as well. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.