July 23, 2007

Monday Morning Message - Grow up!

Trying something new on the blog...as always any feedback/suggestions are appreciated. The idea is to give you my Sunday morning sermon in 150 words or less. (Those of you who are part of my Sunday morning flock please hold your snide remarks about long-winded preachers!) So, here goes!

"Like new born infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up to salvation - if indeed you have tasted that the Lord is good." (1 Peter 2:2-3)

His name was Tim and he never grew up...literally. Confined to a wheelchair he moved through life much like any other 15 year old, only he lived with the constant threat of broken bones. Tim had brittle bone syndrome and he never grew up. Simple, everyday activities were a potential threat to his health. It was common to see him with a new cast or for him to be facing a new surgery. His body just never grew up.

I believe many Christians have a spiritual disease similar to Tim's physical disease in that they have failed to grow properly. Why is this? I think it is largely because many never intended to grow. I talk with so many who tell me of an initial rush of growth in their walk with the Lord that faded over time. They have become frustrated or disillusioned with pursuing God's plans, shouldn't He be pursuing them?

What is the solution to this dilemma? Grow! Peter encourages his readers to "long for the pure spiritual milk". He's telling us to crave the food that helps us to grow into salvation. Just as you are not likely to forget to eat today, let me encourage you to not neglect the feeding of the new life that is yours in Christ.

"Grow dear friends; but grow, I beseech you, in God's way, which is the only effectual way. See to it that you are planted in grace, and then let the divine Husbandman cultivate you in His own way and by His own means." Hannah Whitall Smith, The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life.


Tim A. said...

That made a great sermon. That is something that far too many Christians are neglecting this day.
Bless you Brother.
Tim A. Blankenship

John said...

Thanks Tim. I agree and I hope my hearers took it to heart. More importantly I hope the Holy Spirit planted this truth deeply in their hearts and that a desire to grow is growing!


Paul Thompson said...

Tim, Good word from the Word! I've been preaching through Hebrews and we just finished the early part of chapter 5:12 - 6:8.

As I come to the middle part of chapter 6, I wonder if I may barrow your graphic on you blog page of the hands? It's a great picture of the John 10:28 verse you quote with it.

I pray God will bless you in you journey today.

><> Paul <><

John said...


Use the picture! I found it somewhere so I have no claim to it personally. I will post another one tomorrow that speaks volumes to me as well - it's along the same lines.